Tuesday, June 15, 2004

It's a lamp. But hey, it's a lamp in Sitges! Posted by Hello

Whoaaaaa! Posted by Hello

Once Mika went there and she helped buy a catamaran. Posted by Hello

They go somewhere, Andy knows it. Posted by Hello

Hobbits?  Posted by Hello

Well they must go somewhere, eh? I mean, they're stairs. Posted by Hello

White houses are cooler than black houses (first principle of home design). Posted by Hello

Whoa, it's like... a building floating in the air. Posted by Hello

Oh my god the building is eating her! She's trying to fight back, but... will she get out? Posted by Hello

Sea, Andy, Shakti, Govi. Picture courtesy of Mika. Posted by Hello

What kind of a story do you think inspired this? Posted by Hello

Huh...not mopping. He's killing a dragon, he's George, St-George of Sitges. Posted by Hello

The old garrison at Shitcheese. The town symbol looks like a guy mopping. Posted by Hello

Long hairs, nice sea. Posted by Hello

Wucking fater reaten BOCKS! Posted by Hello

Beautiful color gradient, doncha think? Posted by Hello

Nice rocks, nice sea, nice blue. Nice Andy. Embrace the tide! Posted by Hello

Nice picture, nice sea, nice blue, nice wall, nice...no, "no war". No more boom sticks. Posted by Hello

See the kite? Well, the guy is sort of tied to the kite, and it works... Posted by Hello

Wanna try it?...No way! Posted by Hello

Come on, you know you want to buy this picture and use it for advertising. Posted by Hello

Once upon a time, in a little town called Shitcheese, there lived a... what? "Sitges". Uh oh. Posted by Hello

The artist here made excellent use of line and color. Posted by Hello

There is something about looking out to open sea. The slab of stone isn't very important, unless you're a Catholic. Posted by Hello

Hot. Praying. No. Not praying. HOt. Posted by Hello